Oil & Gas Equipment Trading

Our Oil Field Equipment Trading includes supply of equipment, parts and consumables to the offshore & onshore drilling contractors and suppliers.

We cover a wide range of products including:

  • BOP, Diverters, Rams, Elastomers, Seals, Bonnets, Parts
  • DSA/Spools/Flanges/Risers/Mud Cross/Hammer Unions/ Chiksan Loops/Swivel Joints
  • Flexible Hoses, Pressure Hoses
  • Iron Roughneck & Spare Parts
  • Top Drive, Parts & Accessories
  • Generators, Alternators, Engine & Parts
  • Electrical Wire/Cables/Accessories
  • Air Conditioners / Parts
  • Drill Pipes, HWDP, Drill Collars, Hex Kelly's
  • Traveling/Crown Blocks
  • Rotary Equipment/Parts
  • Choke Manifolds & Parts
  • Jacking Motors/Parts
  • Crane Parts/ Motors
  • Fishing & Downhole Tools – Stabilizers, Subs/ Scrappers/Overshots
  • HT- Tong & Parts, Subs, Elevators, Pipe Spinners
  • Drawworks / Parts/ Brake Parts
  • Valves – Gate, Check, Plug, Ball/Butterfly Etc.
  • Valves Repair Kit
  • Winches / Hoist / Bop Handling Tools
  • Mud Pump & Parts
  • Solid Controls, Shale Shaker/Shaker Screens
  • Compressors – Air/Hydraulic

Maritime Equipment Trading

Our Maritime Equipment trading division comprises of team from the marine industry, with vast experience in the Middle East & Asia Pacific Market.
We can supply of wide variety of Marine equipment& parts,navigation systems, hammer unions, energy efficient management systems, ballast water treatment systems, anchors, fenders, marine engines and propulsion systems& parts, Generator Sets& parts, Marine Pumps & Motors, Marine Valves, HVAC Supplies, Marine Air-conditioning, PPE equipment, Spare parts, Diving Equipment & Gears etc.
Our dedicated team provides excellent services for all your related enquiries. We can supply to shipyards, shipowners, ship managers, trading companies etc.

Renewable Energy Equipment Trading

Our Renewable Energy Equipment Trading division deals with the trading of equipment/parts/ spareparts for large and small scale Renewable Energy Projects.
Our supply scope includes, Solar Panels, Strings Combiner Boxes, Inverters (On-Grid, Off-Grid, or Hybrid), AC Combiner Boxes, Battery Bank for Off-Grid/Hybrid system, DC Cables (NYYHY, NYAF) and AC Cables (NYY, etc) , Alternators, Generators, gear boxes, motors, brakes, circuit breakers, circuit protection devices.